Descon Chlorine duplex sensor potentiostatic 15015D

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Dubbele gouden combinatie-elektrode voor meting van vrij chloor, chloordioxide of ozon

  • Shaft material: glass
  • Length of shaft: 120 mm
  • Measuring electrode: gold, upper ring
  • Counter electrode: gold, lower ring
  • Reference system: Ag/AgCl/ total KCl with salt stock
  • Diaphragm material: sintered ceramics
  • Measuring range: according to the used measuring amplifier
  • Temperature range: -5 to 70 °C
  • Max. working pressure: 8 bar at 20°C (pressure compensation via diaphragm)
  • Mechanical connection: S8 threaded plug head
  • Electrical connection: M12 screw connection (male)

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